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Cleaning Prices

Experience The Timeless Cleaners Difference

We use state of the art Hydrocarbon Dry Cleaning machines to wash your garments. An eco-friendly, gentle, soil and stain targeting way of cleaning. At Timeless Cleaners, we care most importantly about taking care of the garments you love. That’s why we don’t hesitate to use the best of the best!

Dress Shirt Cleaning

Dress Shirt Cleaning (Full Service) starting at $7.00

Jeans Cleaning

Jeans Cleaning starting at 


Uniform Cleaning

Uniform Cleaning (2 Pieces) $14.00

Blouse Cleaning

Blouse Cleaning starting at 


Blazer Cleaning

Blazer Cleaning starting at 


Launder Shirt Cleaning

Laundry Shirt Cleaning starting at $5.25

Pants Cleaning

Pants Cleaning starting at 


Dress Cleaning

Dress Cleaning starting at 


Fluff N' Fold

Fluff & Fold (Cleaning and Folding) $4.00 Per Pound

Household Items


We clean your favorite Blankets! Wool, cotton, poly. We do it all! Upcharges apply to select fabrics and delicacies!

Starting Price: $35.25

Curtains & Drapes

We keep your curtains/drapes looking fresh! Upcharges apply to select fabrics and delicacies.

Starting Price: $40.25


We clean all types of Comforters! Upcharges may apply to different fillings and delicacies.

Starting Price: $50.25

Upcharges may apply to garments with:

Special/Delicate Fabric, Designer/Luxury Brands, Heavy Stains, Special Requests.

How Our Dry Cleaning Differs From The Rest

Timeless Cleaners is passionate about preserving our Earth for generations to come. Timeless Cleaners is equipped with two state-of-the-art eco-friendly industrial dry cleaning machines that produce minimal waste. Rather than using perchloroethylene (PERC) like what many are familiar with, Timeless Cleaners only uses high-quality hydrocarbon solvents that are gentle on your skin, tough on stains, and keep your garments feeling brand new, odor-free, and vibrant with color. Timeless Cleaners also uses environmentally-safe garment bags and other materials made of recycled materials, preventing unnecessary waste.

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