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About Us

“We owe our success to our community. That's why Timeless Cleaners never hesitates to give back. We happily continue to donate our time and resources to organizations that are making a difference right here in the Antelope Valley.”

— Justin Koh

Meet the Managers

While others may throw this term around, the owners at Timeless Cleaners put their money where their mouth is. You can always expect us to stand proudly behind our work and provide you with only the highest quality service.

Justin & Alex (best friends since middle school & business partners) clean every garment that enters each one of our four locations. They’ve learned from the best: William (aka. Justin’s Dad), and are proud to carry on the family tradition! Our garment cleaning recipe took decades to perfect. The secret formula is hard work, dedication, and most importantly… a SMILE!

We also do all of our own alterations! Jenny (aka. Justin’s Mom) has been a professional seamstress for over 30 years, which means Justin has been shadowing her sewing techniques since he was born! Trust us to fix your favorite pair of jeans or to get the perfect custom fit on your wedding dress.

Our community is our business.

Our customers & employees are always treated like family! We would never have made it this far without such a wonderful, loving, and hardworking staff. We are grateful to each and every one of our customers for supporting our business and families. That’s why we’ll go the extra mile to make sure your garment comes back like it’s brand new!

In 2020, we donated over 500 handmade face-masks to our community! We kept our doors open during the COVID-19 pandemic at full operational capacity to support our first responders and other essential workers. When the pandemic was at its worst, Timeless Cleaners was cleaning and delivering garments for emergency COVID-19 response teams.

Customer Service is our product!

As we said prior, we owe ALL of our success to YOU! We do not take your support and loyalty for granted, and we continue to do our very best to show you our appreciation!

We can ensure you that whenever you walk through our doors you will be greeted with a smile and our employees will show you the utmost respect and understanding.

If you happen to run into an issue, we will make sure to tend to your needs ASAP and do so empathetically! We want to show you the love that you guys have shown us!

Our mission is to help our community in every way we can!

This is Timeless Cleaners!

Quality Ingredients is Our Secret!

You take care of the ingredients that go into what you eat.
We’ll take care of the ingredients that go into what you wear.

Just like a pizza tastes just as good as the ingredients, time, and effort put into it, your clothes require the same kind of love and attention.

Customers who trust Timeless Cleaners rest assured that their garments remain stain-free, vibrant with color, and feel just the way they remember.
Timeless Cleaners applies Dry Cleaning and Wet Cleaning methods catered specifically to each garment based on fabric material, stain type, and delicacy.
We proudly use high-quality & professional-grade cleaning solvents, detergents, and conditioners as well as state-of-the-art Dry Cleaning equipment. Our highly-trained cleaning staff works diligently to ensure your garments come out spotless. You’ll never have to worry about your clothes shrinking, fading, or tearing ever again!

Quality Assured Every Step of the Way!

Timeless Cleaners is an owner-operated business. All garment cleaning and alterations are done on-site and go through a vigorous quality assurance process. Timeless Cleaners understands that sometimes a garment can be worth more than its price tag. That’s why Timeless Cleaners treats every garment gently and with respect.

Our quality assurance process begins as soon as your garment gets dropped off at one of our storefronts.
While your order is being processed, every garment is thoroughly inspected for any stains, discoloration, and damages by our Clerk Staff.
Prior to cleaning, every garment is examined by our Cleaning Staff (Justin & Alex). Stains are hand-spotted using specific solvents for each stain. Spotting requires a high level of critical thinking, judgement, and experience that Timeless Cleaners proudly provides.
After cleaning, your garments are inspected again by our Cleaning Staff for any stains that may have been missed initially and are cleaned once more.
Our Pressing Staff inspects every item for any flaws during the pressing process.
Prior to bagging and racking your garments, our Clerk Staff takes one final inspection during the garment finishing process to ensure every item comes out pristine.

This is the level of work we put into every piece of clothes that our customers trust us with.
Thank you for trusting Timeless Cleaners.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning and Uncompromised Quality!

Timeless Cleaners is passionate about preserving our Earth for generations to come. Timeless Cleaners is equipped with two state-of-the-art eco-friendly industrial dry cleaning machines that produce minimal waste. Rather than using perchloroethylene (PERC) like what many are familiar with, Timeless Cleaners only uses high-quality hydrocarbon solvents that are gentle on your skin, tough on stains, and keep your garments feeling brand new, odor-free, and vibrant with color. Timeless Cleaners also uses environmentally-safe garment bags and other materials made of recycled materials, preventing unnecessary waste.

Veteran Owned & Operated!

Upon graduation from the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Justin served as an Air Force Acquisitions Officer reaching the grade of Captain. His awards include two Air Force Commendation Medals and was named Company Grade Officer of the Quarter five times and Company Grade Officer of the Year once. Justin brings the same dedication and work ethic he had in the Air Force to his family Dry Cleaning business. His leadership style always puts his customers and staff first and he fosters a professional and respectful environment. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Justin took a “Service Before Self” approach to business, keeping all three Timeless Cleaners locations open and fully operational to provide Dry Cleaning and Alterations services to essential workers and keep his staff members fully employed.


In July 2020, Justin was featured on the Hometown Heroes edition of the Antelope Valley Press!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We appreciate your love and support!


— Timeless Cleaners

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